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Coke ovens

  • Dedusting systems for coal preparation.
  • Coke side emission control system.
  • Dedusting plant for coke handling.
  • DeNOx and DESOx plants for ammonia vapors combustion furnace.

Blast furnace

  • Dedusting Stock-House.
  • Dedusting Cast-House
  • Components for top gas cleaning ( Venturi Tower & Throat, Demister, Goggle valve , butterfly valve, Gate valve, Clapet valve )
  • Top gas handling systems (storage, pressurising, mixing…)



  • Systems and components for gas cleaning ( water cooled hoods and ducts , Venturi Tower & Throat, Goggle valve , butterfly valve )
  • Secondary dedusting of converters, additive system, ladle treatment ( DeS, LF, CAB, CAS, RH, DH).
  • Gas handling systems (storage, pressurising, mixing…)


  • SAF, EAF: Systems and components for gas cleaning ( water cooled ducts, quencher, natural and forced air heat exchanger, spark arrester, micropollutants adsorption systems ( PCDD/F, Heavy metals, PAH ) )
  • Secondary dedusting ovens, additives system, ladle treatment (LF, CAB, CAS, RH, DH) by: local hood, canopy, dog-house, elephant-house
  • Soundproofing (dog-house, elephant-house, fixed or movable walls)

Continuous casting

  • Vapour ducting
  • Dedusting (Mould, dumping tundish)

Roling mill

  • Extraction and purification rolling stands forhot and cold rolling mills, sheet metal,profiles, tubes.

Coil processing lines

  • Vapor extraction and purification of alkaline and acid pickling, galvanizing, tinning.

Co-generation biomass

  • Definition of the thermal cycle
  • Plant system
  • Basic and detailed design of components


  • Fume treatment plants for glass furnaces; with forced cooler, electrostatic precipitator, bag filter, reagent injection (lime, Bicar)
  • Combustion air systems
  • Heat recovery systems, for boiler water preheating, HVAC needs, electric energy production