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Social responsibility

We believe that our activities should be enriched of the standards that one liable civil society may expect from us

We believe that our activities should not only be respectful of rules and regulations, but may also be enriched of the standards that one liable civil society may expect from us.

We may comply with these expectations if we set ourselves as commitments:

The realization of efficient plants in terms of reduction of emissions,which consume less energy and raw materials

The construction of plantsat low cost,both as investment and as practice

The construction of safe facilities both for its operators and the community ,ergonomic and easy to maintain

The research and development of new technologies and new business solutions designed to capture the goals mentioned above

The contribution to the growth of a collective industrial heritage of the territories where we operate,with the caring of creating new jobs

Our company has always had a special look on the most disadvantaged categories of workers

The attention to the social life of the territories in which we work

A Responsible use of resources, in terms of raw materials and energy, in the flow of our activities, by making choices such as:

A sober management of our office facilities:

  • the limitation of the occupied areas
  • the choice to settle in buildings with good insulation against cold and heat
  • the adoption of moderate temperatures in office during winter and summer
  • the adoption of low-energy lighting
  • the restriction over the use of electrical equipments
  • minimizing the use of paper ,promoting recycling
  • minimizing the use of the printing machine
  • the location of offices in areas well served by public transport

A sober management of business travels, restricing them as much as possible through an advanced use of telematics and the use of means of transport following the subsequent priorities list:

  • Train
  • Plane
  • Bus
  • “Car Sharing” CNG
  • Taxi
  • Private car

A policy in planning and in purchasing with the scope to limit the amount of raw material and as well its transport together with its manufactured products

Searching to establish relationships with foreign customers and suppliers that promote international relations oriented to peace-building,technical and commercial interchange,mutual cultural knowledge,and solidarity

The use,where possible,Fairtrade products